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Product Reviews

Handspun Australian Wool

Our product reviews have been written by one of our very experienced customers Raylene Regan,

Raylene at Inverleigh Farms Fiber Supplies not only has her own flock, specialising in coloured Perendales, but also helps to connect breeders of rare sheep with the internet community to help them offer their fleece for sale.

With her own flock, which she has been managing for over five years, Raylene takes a sustainable/permaculture approach to farming. As a spinner herself, she understands the importance of low vegetable matter in her pastures and therefore, her sheep fleece.

Raylene sells fleeces, hand carded batts and handspun yarn from rare breeds supplied locally and by other members of the Black and Coloured Sheep Breeders Association that don't do the "internet thing". Raylene prefers to work on Facebook where she keeps up to date many new offerings in her "store". She says it allows her to talk to fibre enthusiasts, and exchange ideas and get feedback.

Raylene has experimented with some of our new and most popular products and given a summary on what she found, just have a look below.  

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