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Dinkie Dye Gossamer Blend Top

The fine fibres in the Dinky Dye Blend enable you to effortlessly spin a lace weight yarn. The fibres are longer than those of a normal Merino Wool top, so anyone looking to hand spin a fine gauge/ lace weight yarn should try this. The longer staple also makes it easier to spin for beginners. No treatment, in any fashion, is needed to handle this top – it is suitable for all levels to spin

Standard 2 ply

-standard worsted 2 ply only required single twist

-effortlessly spins laceweight without fighting the fibre-used a medium twist in singles and ply which produced a balanced yarn with no shedding or splitting of fibres

-44.8g produced 187.5m of yarn

Worsted Chain (approx 5 ply)

-spun with medium twist in singles and ply

-gives nice round chain which is light in hand and even

-48.4g produced 49.5m of yarn

Full Woollen

-hand carded fibre into rolags to produce woollen yarn-gives a beautiful soft fibre with a slight halo. You could brush the halo up further if you wanted the emphasise the halo effect.

-42.5g produced 241.5m of yarn.


-used low immersion method as it reduces the chance of felting.-handled nicely in prewetting as had little slippage-didn’t felt and took dye beautifully-no hindrance for dyers despite low micron – You don’t need to be an advanced dyer to dye this fibre.

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