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'Easy Spin' Cashmere

Easy Spin Cashmere Skeins

I spun the EasySpin Cashmere into two types of yarns; worsted and woollen.

Cashmere has a natural fuzz- or halo- which is more evident in woollen spun cashmere yarns than worsted spun cashmere yarns. If you want the typical fuzzy, lofty, weightless looking cashmere then I would spin it woollen as you get the halo given with wear. However, if you want something with stitch definition, and you want pure cashmere, I would go to the effort of spinning it worsted even though it is a lot more effort .

Spinning the EasySpin Cashmere as a worsted yarn was more difficult due to the comparatively short length of cashmere, however it was worth it because of the shine that came through in the yarn. I used a very short forward draft ( about ½ an inch to ¾ inch) so it took time, but was absolutely worth it. 24 grams of this worsted EasySpin Cashmere yarn is about 102 meters in length.

Some of the EasySpin Cashmere's natural lustre is lost when spun woollen. In making the rolags the fibres are jumbled up and not aligned as in the combed top, which means once spun, the fibres refract differently on the light spectrum. This effect can also be seen when dye has been applied; with the woollen spun yarn having a more duller pastel colour compared to the shinier worsted spun with the same amount of dye applied per gram of dry weight of material. 46 grams of this EasySpin Cashmere spun woollen made around 571 meters.

Difficulty rating:

As a worsted spun yarn: 5/5

As a woollen spun yarn: 4/5

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