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'Kingston' Blend Top

The 'Kingston' Blend is composed of fibres of medium to high micron. I would recommended it for jumpers and outerwear when spun worsted. A good top for starting spinners or those who have never spun Alpaca or Suri. It is suitable for use in spinning a cost effective halo yarn (instead of using cashmere or mohair) when spun woollen. This blend is great if you want to make something with Alpaca but didn't want to think about it.

Standard 2 ply

-No effort spin as it drafts nicely. Lends itself to 8-10 ply

-Good as a go to bulk filling yarn (ie of jumpers, beanies etc). It's a nice colour that would easily overdye and is extremely easy to spin.

-Tends to bloom once set. Had a bit of loft in it when washed.

-Holds definition well when spun. Can ply tighter for cable stitching for even greater definition.

-Handle much nicer of the two worsted spun yarns

-101.8g produced 208.5m of yarn

Chain plyed

-Was a bit difficult. Fibre wanted to pigtail back so had to be quite conscious of tension.

-Heavy fibre and dense as a chain

-Only recommend if someone wanted to make a particularly dense item or weft for a heavy piece. If spun finer could make a good warp.

-77.4g produced 99m of yarn

Full Woollen

-When spun woollen the fibres transformed to produce a light, lofty and very fuzzy yarn.

-The pearl shimmer from the suri was lost but a very surprising loft and beautiful halo was produced.

-Used a medium twist with light ply. This also helped accentuate the halo.

-21.6g produced 94.5m of yarn


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