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Rare Natural Fibres specialise in the supply of Australian grown natural animal fibres in their natural colours. Colours that vary from the rich and earthy colours of the alpaca to the soft & subtle colours of the Australian Cashmere.

We pride ourselves on supplying premium products to our customers. As Australian farmers know how to manage their animals so that they are healthy and receive good nutrition, the fibre that the Australian fibre producing animals grow is well nourished. It is therefore no wonder, that Australian fibre is renown for being the best in the world.

At Rare Natural Fibres we specialise in the supply of 100% Australian grown and processed natural animal fibres including Huacaya and Suri Alpaca, Cashmere and Wool.

Our fibre products have been carefully processed to enhance their special and unique characteristics. We are certain that you'll enjoy working with our beautiful fibres to create your own special textile projects.


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