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Springbank Blend

Springbank inspired Silver Grey Blend Combed Top

40% Merino Wool

10% Suri Alpaca

50% Huacaya Alpaca

The blend of Merino wool and alpaca fibre allows for the enchancement of the best characteristics of each fibre type. The wool adds loft and cohesion to the top, whilst the alpaca adds luster and beautiful drape.


Suited for: Spinning, felting and over-dyeing 

Difficulty: Medium 


This blended top has been inspired by the beautiful township of Kingston, which is situated in the Heburn Shire region in Victoria. Kingston is unbeknownst to many and is certainly a hidden gem featuring a multitude of historic residences and churches as well as a magnificent Avenue of Honour. The Kingston blend has been created from the colours often seen in its beautiful hamlet; from the hues of the churches to the varied tones seen across the horizon over the Pyrenees.


We hope you are able to become as inspired by the landscape at Kingston as we have and create something truly special with this beautifully blended top.  


This product is Licenced with the Australian fibre collective. Product licence number 00012


Springbank Blend

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