Dinkie Dye Gossamer Blend

The "Dinkie Dye" Australian Merino Wool / Alpaca Blend

This blend supports two Australian farms who have taken great pride in establishing their businesses to support their animal's health and general wellbeing. Using new technologies and trait selective genetics, these farms have been able to produce sheep and alpacas that are more efficient in fibre production as well as being more suited to the conditions in which they live. You can be 100% sure of where your fibre has come from and of the quality care taken to make sure these animals are healthy and happy!


Well Gully Poll Merino Stud

Errol & Candy Brumpton take great pride in the wool that their sheep at Well Gully Poll Merino stud produce.

Fibre softness is measured using a compression test. The Well Gully wool measures 3.4 kilopascals for resistance to compression, making it measurably softer than cashmere (5 to 6 kilopascals). Classic Merino wool, which tests from 8 to 12 kilopascals, is nowhere near as soft as the Well Gully SRS wool. Well Gully was the first producer in the world to deliver wool for this type of non-prickle fabric (close to skin wear).

The flock averages are 18.2 microns for fibre diameter and 6 to 8 kgs for fleece weight.

In 1996, Well Gully produced the lightest wool cloth ever used in shirt production: 150 gms per lineal metre.

The sheep have adapted genetically to keep their bodies hydrated in the hot and humid environment and to be able to convert hard cellulose pastures to meet their body maintenance needs.

The sheep are highly resistant to fly strike, and are not mulesed. The wool stays permanently white despite the extremes of heat and humidity to which the the sheep are exposed.


Bumble Hill Alpacas

Julianne and Frank Gelber are passionate Alpaca breeders and fibre producers. They established Bumble Hill Alpacas in 1995 and now have a mid-sized stud with 300 animals (split 65/35 huacaya and suri). The suris are located at Mangrove Mountain (one hour north of Sydney) and the huacayas at “Clairmount”, Orange (1100 metres up Mount Canobolas).

Both farms utilize sustainable farming practices – objective management principles overlay an holistic approach to their farming, people and herds. The efficient farm layouts maximize staff utilization and safety and the comfort and performance of their livestock.

Julainne and Fred apply the most advance breeding/fibre production technologies available – the SRS ® fibre production system and their own house data base, incorporating 20 years of measurement and testing.

They relocated the huacaya herd to a cooler, dryer climate to provide better amenity for their livestock. This has resulted in increased fleece weights and fibre density.


Suitable for: Spinning, weaving and felting 

Difficulty: Easy - Medium


This product is Licenced with the Australian fibre collective. Product licence number 00014

Dinkie Dye Gossamer Blend

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